Accurate measurements

We provide measuring services to you and our employees proudly wear The Home Depot apron and identification badges while on site. We are known for our measurement services and creating on-site real estate floor plans for marketing purposes.

We measure just about anything you can imagine.
Not only can we measure, we can complete even the simplest of tasks that sometimes are difficult for you to arrange. Tasks such as an on-site trip hazard inspection in which you need photos of the hazard as well as a description and measurement.

Retail inspections for site conditions, signage and display locations, damage inspections etc.
MultiProperty/MultiFamily/Home Rentals – floor plans for marketing units to customers via on site or print ads as well as creating a digital database of floor plans for remodeling purposes when customers/owners move out prior to new arrivals.

We can also customize our services to fit your needs?  If there is a service on-site that you need completed, let us know.  We would be happy to build a solution to service your needs nationwide. 

Remember, how much is your time worth?  We often provide next day turn around and almost always within 2 business days for a cost well below any other provider. 

No more posting your requests with hopes that a subcontractor will accept it or spending time trying to find someone to perform a task.  We can provide you access to our secure website where you complete the site information and use a live calendar to schedule your own work.  You will know instantly that the job is scheduled and is in the hands of our “Best in Class” field team.  Feel free to contact us for more information and let us make your life easier.


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Home Depot Measuring Services